Monthly Archives: December 2011

A very vegan Christmas

I’ve been pretty adamant about not getting candy in my stocking for the last few years (it’s hard enough to keep those holiday lbs off!), and this year Daddy Guder Santa got my stocking just right! Well, almost just right. In it were delicious vegan, organic, and gluten free power bars Bumble Bars, ThinkThin bars, and an unbelievably yummy Oskri Coconut Chocolate bar. He also added Sunflower butter cups (like peanut butter cups but even better) which are Rainforest Alliance certified, meaning the company has been certified as focusing on environmental protection, social equity and economic viability. Check out the certification list for exact requirements. He also through in some SeaSnax seaweed which was surprisingly good and dry roasted and wasabi edamame – an all time fav. So the only miss? Primal Strips hickory smoked vegan jerky. GROSS. It tasted like straight vomit and no matter how much you miss meat (I actually am usually ok except for the occasionally bacon and eggs or pepperoni pizza desire), this will not fill that void. It was pretty hilarious though seeing fake beef jerky, and the whole family got a laugh, and a gag, out of trying it. Way to go Daddy Guder Santa on a sustainable stocking!

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