Amazon Goes Green

Quick Friday post in case anyone’s in an online shopping mood this weekend! Amazon has got with the program and has launched Amazon Green, which let’s you search through baby products, home goods, toys, sports, books, etc and only pulls up ‘green products’.

My first question was, what makes something ‘green’. Amazon is taking a unique approach and actually using customers as the vetting resource. Amazon Green lists products that customers tag as the best green products and they also offer definitions and more information (of organic cotton and soy fiber, or of ENERGY STAR® rating lists), if you click on the right-hand side bar ‘what makes … green’.

I think this approach is interesting and innovative, and I love that they are educating people in the process. After my own quick search I found a great list of organic, low-water, low-energy, cradle to cradle, products. Like all things, you must of course read the description before purchasing, but this is a really great simple step to narrow down your purchasing options.

Happy Friday!


  1. Briana says:

    But you know what makes Amazon seriously un-green? The fact that they send everything in separate shipments and in huge boxes. I can wait for the products! It should be an option. So annoying.

  2. sarahguder says:

    There is an option to send things in one shipment – do you see that at checkout? The thing is it doesn’t always work, even when I choose ‘bulk my shipments’ they still sometimes separately, they say because things come from the closest warehouse. AND I often get a giant box with one small thing in it, that drives me crazy. They do say ‘they’re working on it’ as one of their CSR goals, but also check out Brand Karma and see if you can use your voice to swing them:!

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