Get Your Green On This Earth Day!

Earth Day, this Sunday the 22nd, is a great time to dive in if you’ve been on the edge of getting into green, make a stronger pledge if you’re further down the spectrum, and CELEBRATE!  Earth Day is your chance to honor the hard work we’ve made happen so far, learn new ways to go forward, and make commitments to keep change moving. It’s also a just great day for a party!

One of my first teenage Earth Day celebrations included a concert at the Meadows in CT, two years ago I planted trees in Staten Island, and this year I’ll be at Ocean Beach in SF cleaning up trash. You can get involved wherever you live! Check out an ED festival, volunteer with a group, or do something at home. The EPA’s list of Earth Day events and volunteer opportunities  lists ways to get involved in each state (just click on your region)! This is the best list I’ve found so far, although Sierra Club does have some cool events in a few cities as well.

If you’re in SF you should definitely join me at SF Earth Day at the Civic Center!

How will you celebrate?!

Easy Ways to Go Greener at Home—This Earth Day!

Plant a tree. This is one of the easiest and best things you can do to make an impact. You’re taking carbon out of the air and providing oxygen and habitat!

Garden! Start an herb garden or just get planting. It’ll be amazing to feel soil between your fingers, I promise.

Get on your bike or go for a walk to do your errands and get some exercise in the process!

Buy that reusable water bottle, now it’s seriously time.

Time to purchase that Energy Star certified appliance you’ve been craving?

Is there a farmers market close by you can check out?

REUSE! Check craigslist, go to second-hand stores and tag sales, or look to borrow before purchasing something new.

Teach your kids about the Earth, recycling, and not wasting. We are definitely going to need their help!

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  1. Leah says:

    I’ll be celebrating Earth Day (also, my half-birthday! Yes, that’s a holiday) by completing the Primavera Century Ride. That’s a whole lot of outdoorsy/nature time 🙂

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