Turns out The Body Shop is pretty awesome.

warming-mineral-mask_lI get asked a lot about what moisturizers and creams I use (since cosmetics are not regulated and there are all sorts of horrible chemicals in most of the things you can buy at CVS).

Turns out The Body Shop is a great option. It’s similar to a Patagonia because it was started to improve society &  the planet. I associated it as a bit old school, but really it’s kind of a secret gem. They’ve been 100% anti animal testing from their first day in business (!), every product is certified Cruelty-Free, and they’re also one of the first big brands to be as Fair Trade as they possibly can be. Fair Trade as a seal is just getting into cosmetics and Body Shop is helping them expand. They currently source FT Shea (which is a hugely controversial ingredient – there is conflict Shea butter, I know, wild), Tea Tree, Honey, Hemp, and Aloe. They do a ton with employee volunteerism, have their own foundation, encourage female self esteem (not with makeup, with health), focus on domestic violence, work with a lot of local community groups, are replacing store lighting with LEDs, installed solar on their HQ and other buildings, and have a huge focus on ethical suppliers (which is totally awesome, a lot of companies stop at their own operations and then say they have no control over what suppliers do).

I use the warming mineral mask (because who can afford regular facials) and I really like it. It definitely pulls out the gunk and I break out for about a day after using it (similar to with a facial) but then my skin feels so clean, smooth, and even tighter. Worth a try if you’re into that.

My other favorite brand is Yes To (Carrots, Blueberries, Cucumbers). It’s strong environmentally and health-wise they don’t put any chemical crap in their products. Good Guide rates them as a 6/10 mostly because their social programs aren’t super transparent. I really like how the Carrots Repairing Night Cream feels on my face, and you can get it at Target which helps. I didn’t love the cucumber moisturizer (smelled really fragrant and went on sticky), and the blueberry I like only in the eye cream.

I also use the derma E day cream (with SPF) and I really like it- not greasy and perfect for every day. They sell it at Whole Foods (it’s expensive I think $25 for a little tub), and Good Guide rates it a 7.4.

To healthy faces, healthy society, and a healthy planet!


  1. Sabrina says:

    I love when you update because you lead me to lots of new things!

    I have the food thing mostly down and have made my compromises where needed. Now I’m moving on to the other things in my house. Have you heard of the brand Lather? My bro and SIL use it and it’s really awesome http://www.lather.com/about/history.asp Once I’m done with this big bottle of Pantene shampoo I’m switching to Lather.

    What do you use for body soap? We use plain DOVE but I know there is a far better and healthier product out there. I’d love any suggestions.

  2. sarahguder says:

    Ha I’m glad! I know, I’m trying to do it more regularly, I’m so impressed that you find the time (and have two kids, seriously what do I do all day?!). Will definitely check out Later, thanks!

    We use Dove too because Simon likes it, but I have a few hippie ones waiting in the wings for when this bar finishes up! Health wise, there are two suspect ingredients in Dove that are being looked at for toxicity: Titanium Dioxide & Lauric Acid. Lauric acid in my opinion seems relatively harmless but titanium dioxide has been shown to cause cancer and reproductive issues (again it’s all about level and length of exposure). But in general I’m just not into chemicals AT ALL. It’s made by Unilever which is a really good ‘big corporate’ sustainability advocate so environmental and socially no worries there.

    There is only one Burt’s Bees bar that is fantastic and has no chemicals at all: The Peppermint Rosemary Bar (http://www.amazon.com/BURTS-Fabulously-Fresh-Peppermint-Rosemary/dp/B001LFLY94), although it looks like they may be discontinuing it in favor for the ones that also have titanium dioxide in them (stupid Clorox!). Haven’t tried this yet but 7th Generation just started a whole line of completely non-toxic body bars that are only $3.99 each (all the hippie bars at Whole Foods are about $6): http://www.seventhgeneration.com/bar-soap. In this case all the ‘flavors’ are non-toxic. Let me know if you try one!

    Also, taking a soap making class from a friend and will let you know how it goes and if that’s an easy answer!

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