Bike Powered: Margaritas & Ice Cream!

In case you didn’t know, I’m really into bicycles. My husband is into riding long distances on bicycles, whereas I’m content in my place as an urban cyclist. It’s my transportation to work (the BEST start to a morning), my grocery store helper (thank you pannier bags), and you can find me in the city carrying all sorts of crazy shit home on my bike. The two craziest were probably a 6 foot tall picture frame that I put my body through so I could still pedal, and a bunch of huge storage bins from Office Depot that I had to tie to my helmet and shoot down my back (might be contributing to the back problems..).


What I also love is finding amazing examples of bicycle powered goods. At the Sustainable Brand’s Conference, Earth911 set up a super rad bike-powered blender that we drank delicious margaritas from (thanks to Dimitar for pedaling away!). There, I also discovered Peddler’s Creamery, an LA based creamery that churns all of its flavors by bike (also organic, fair trade, locally sourced). I had the vegan chocolate and it was incredible (please please open up in SF Peddler’s!). If you’re in LA you should definitely check them out.

In SF we have Bicycle Coffee where they personally select the beans from sustainable farms they’ve visited, roast them in SF, and then bicycle them around to stores and businesses, and I recently read about Portland’s new bicycle delivery service: B-Line that bikes any good (produce, baked goods, Office Depot orders) to businesses.

Biking in cities is definitely the future and I’m glad to see more of these leg-powered goods companies popping up. Some day I will quit my job and deliver something delicious to people using my legs….

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