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Living Social deal makes reusable bags sustainable & cheap!

If you haven’t had time yet to purchase your reusable sandwich & snack bags – you’re now in luck! Living Social has a great deal where for $10 you can get a $22 credit to Re-Pac Bags (they retail for $6-$10 ea). I haven’t used one yet (just bought the deal) but it seems like a cool company- a woman started it after feeling awful that she was making so many lunches a year in plastic bags. She uses polyester/nylon so that mold can’t grow, they’re machine washable, (I’m excited to try out the zipper vs. velcro), and have a lifetime warranty. This would be a really easy way to cut down on waste, save you money & it’s a good deal (I just love a good deal)!

Thanks @jen__hunt for sending this over!!

For some other eco-coupons: http://www.retailmenot.com/coupons/sustainability. There are some great online deals for companies like Mrs. Meyer’s, Klean Kanteen bottles, and more! Happy sustainable shopping!

Enough with the plastic bags. Quick fix: Reusable snack bags.

You want to make your lunch for work to save money or bring in a few snacks- I get it, I do it.

At first I tried to reuse the ziplock but then washing it was a pain. Then I found awesome handmade reusable snack and sandwich bags for $7 or even less on Etsy. Check out BagItConscious for some fun prints and patterns. These bags are awesome for Moms on the go with little ones needing lots of snacks AND for those of us that just like to have a snack close by..just in case..

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