Eco-friendly reading alternative…The Library!

I am lucky to have a great bunch of girl friends (one of whom is a librarian!) who recently reminded me how fabulous (and sustainable and free!) the library is. I am a new member of Golden Gate Valley Pubic Library in SF and I love it already. My first pick up was Maupin’s Tales of the City, which is supposed to be a good fall-in-love-with-SF read. I also wanted 2 books that weren’t on the GGV shelves, so the helpful librarian found them in another city library and they’ll be arriving right to me in 2 days.!. I’m still having a hard time believing all of this is free; this will save me so much money. Also, my library card is completely compostable! Yes!

I haven’t made the switch to a kindle yet, although I know it is more sustainable than the printing and paper that goes into each book. I just love the feel of a book. The library is a good step from purchasing each book I want to read, and I’ve shared my recent library find with 22 people. I love the idea of sharing and reuse, so the library is where I’ll be. The library also has ebooks you can check out so if you are a kindler, head there too. Plus it’s just a really soothing and happy place. Just look at these wood shelves (this library was made from all reclaimed wood- SF, you are awesome). Happy reading (and saving!)!

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  1. Briana says:

    I read an article in the NY Times a few years ago [tried to just find it] that compared the “green-ness” of ebooks vs library books and they actually found library books to be the greenest way to read [no electricity]. Of course, most people in America probably don’t ride their bikes to the library like you so it’s probably pretty even!

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