Even Fox News is Going Green

Woah. When Fox News is posting articles on ‘How you can go green in 2012’, you know we have reached a turning point in sustainability. Sustainability is no longer just for the hippies and environmentalists, although we are definitely still leading the charge. Although this article lacks in any real substance or innovative thinking (it basically pushes organic farming and better lighting options), it’s good to see a growing trend among the often anti-eco republicans. Sustainability has been pushed in republican circles as being about cost-savings and job creation, things that side of the bench is likely to support. I’m glad that (even though it’s poorly written/not very interesting) this is an article about sustainability for sustainability reasons. Costs aren’t even mentioned! The author writes, ‘Organic products nourish our bodies without also exposing us to the harmful chemicals that pervade traditional farms.’ And this leftish hippie definitely agrees!

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